"Overall I was impressed by the fact that the band was musically talented enough to be successful at mainstream music. This made it so that the Doctor Who-themed music was that much more effective."

"Local group, Time Crash, wonderfully captured that sense and spirit of the programme through songs like "Who Am I" (sometimes The Doctor doesn't know who he is), "Trust Me" and "Last Human" (a song about Lady Cassandra""

"This new, Chicago-based band is creating the Time Lord Rock ("Trock") that fans deserve."

"...the group has quickly become a favorite on their hometown Who scene of Chicago, Illinois."

"Check out Time Crash from Illinois. They offer a much more rock orientated, almost Heart-like approach to Doctor Who music. Singer Ronen Kohn, whose powerful pipes call all across time and space..."

"As Time Crash plays their monthly live shows, and most recent Battle of the Bands venture, they've introduced a new song with each performance."

"A new Chicago band, Time Crash, has an unusual star: a blue guitar that looks like an old British police box."

"Their drummer, I think, is really spectacular."

"Neither the band nor their Time Lord muse shows any sign of slowing down."