UPDATE: 7/8/2015

New music (and perhaps more) in the works!

Good day, Crashers. We spent our spring plugging into our own hive mind to come up with new music for you all, and the results have been fantastic! We are making headway in our two remaining Kickstarter song requests. The first will revolve around Mr. Clever, while the second will focus on that time Moffat and RTD walked into a bar and everyone died. But why stop there? We also wrote a new song regarding a certain recurring enemy that loves to hate the Doctor.

Aside from music, we are also getting creative in other ways. This summer, we are starting work on our first ever Time Crash music video. It will be filled with fans of both the show and the band, Chicago scenery, and, of course, at least one DW baddie locally grown here in Chicago. We will be releasing more information on this as time progresses (if you believe in a linear movement of time, that is).

We have more announcements coming up soon, so keep checking back!

UPDATE: 4/18/2015

"Midwest Media Expo 2015 Recap!

We returned to Midwest Media Expo last weekend and treated Crashers to not one, but TWO full shows - with surprise guests! We worked with an exceptionally talented sound and tech crew at M2X, and were honored to share the stage with brilliant musicians Eileen Montgomery, The Harp Twins, and Steam Powered Giraffe.

For the very first time, we fulfilled our dream of collaborating with outside musicians when Time Crash and Random Gibberish jumped into each other's time streams. Random Gibberish's Matt Sernaker and Kroze crashed our set, and Chris, Mike Fye, and Ronen randomized Random Gibberish's Secret Show late Saturday night after Jon St. John's roast. Of course, Dave is in both bands so he acted as a fixed guitar in time and space, if you will.

But! The cherry on the cake was when we surprised Crashers with a guest performance by Ellen McLain (voice of GLaDOS) and her husband John Patrick Lowrie to your favorite Portal song "Still Alive". And no, that cake is not a lie. The couple said this was the first time they've ever performed the song with a live band.

The video from the entire show will be released to YouTube soon, but in the meantime check out a clip of "Still Alive" performed with GLaDOS herself!"

UPDATE: 1/5/2015

HAPPY NEW YEAR, Crashers!! Hope you all had a fantastic Holiday. :) We have a lot of exciting things in the works. Among them are new music, new shows, and new videos. Head over to our "Schedule" page for more info on our upcoming appearances. We have a bunch of all-ages shows planned the first half of this year including live podcasts, M2X, and more!

Among our new things, have you heard our latest song, "The Promise of a Soldier?" Share it with your friends!

-The band

UPDATE: 9/16/2014
TIME CRASH has released their first full-length album, REGENERATION

Chicago-based Time Lord Rock band TIME CRASH is proud to announce its debut album, REGENERATION. Inspired by the stories and characters of Doctor Who, TIME CRASH carves a hole in the fabric of space-time with its genre-hopping style. Their sound is big - crunchy guitars, a slick rhythm section, and lyrics that spark with impish wit - and this 11-track release covers a lot of sonic ground. A heavy dose of power pop with the flames of punk licking around the edges, REGENERATION encompasses ballads and bouncy, danceable tracks.

From the fired-from-a-cannon bombast of "Who Am I" to the soaring sound of "Heart of the TARDIS," REGENERATION is a big, loud album - with themes of adventure, growth, and heartache - that will appeal even to those who have never seen a single episode of Doctor Who.


UPDATE: 9/10/2014

Regeneration Album Cover Art
Hello! Today, as we count down to the released of "REGENERATION," we bring you the album artwork itself! The album is out 9/16, less than one week away!

Welcome, Crashers, to our new and improved website!

Here you will find all things about or pertaining to Time Crash. We will be keeping you up to date on our upcoming album, "Regeneration," events, and much, much more. Stay tuned!

ALBUM RELEASE DATE: September 16, 2014

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